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July 31, 2012
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Milizia: Zenri Togano by nyanray Milizia: Zenri Togano by nyanray
Zenri is a senior now, my boy has grown up //tears

Application for :iconmilizia:

:iconzenriplz: :iconsaysplz: I see you there, kids.

Academy Milizia Application

Full name : Zenri Togano

Division : Medic

Class : Student, Senior

Age : 23

Height : 5’5”/165 cm

Weight : 130 lbs/59kg

Nationality : Thai-Japanese, born in Takayama, Japan



AGI 16

VIT 12

INT 17



Stat Analysis (Optional) :

Intelligence : Zenri is a man of intellect.
However, he is not really interested in any other field other than medical related topics,
so, he devotes most of his mind-set into every branches of medicine.
He specializes in performing surgical operations because he was studying to become
a surgeon at the University of Tokyo. His ability in calculation and any other field
of science is above-average while his language skills are not very impressive.

Agility : To make up for his inadequate strength and endurance,
Zenri focuses on improving his speed and flexibility in order to avoid or, at least,
lessen any incoming damage as much as possible. He also spends a good amount
of time on Aikido, a form of martial arts that his uncle had taught him in order to
protect himself from bullies in his childhood, which suits his nimbleness very well.

Vitality & Strength : Has improved since Richard's torment word so he secretly goes to gym to have weight training...

Personality :

Zenri usually remains quiet and barely talks to anyone unless it is necessary.
He places importance on personal space- he does not like body contact and
has drawn lines between acquaintances, friends, and close friends.
Although, he is more active and talkative with his close comrades.
Most of time he remains reserved and modest- always respectful to officers and commanders
even if they are younger than him. He’s usually remains calm and collected,
but sometimes he could be unbelievably absent-minded and unaware of
his surroundings in some situations.

He is smart and observant, especially when the subject on topic is medication.
Because of his experience in psychology and body language, he has the ability to easily
observe people's thoughts just from their gestures, which gives him better chance avoid
troubles with others. A major weakness of his is communicating with English;
thus, he often makes mistakes with his English.

He is usually overly concentrated during classes, operations and missions,
and as a result he does not pay attention to anything else but the assignment
given to him.Despite his untroubled outward appearance, he is actually emotionally
sensitive and easily depressed if his disgraceful past as a failure medical student is mentioned.

The majority of his intention to join the academy is driven by his father
(currently an army doctor), his mother’s tragic death, and his uncle’s words
of encouragement that enlightened his will to be a medic again.

Likes :

+ Books, textbooks, medicine, reading, drawing, coffee, fish, seafood, pianos,
winter, snow, puppies and kittens, everything about medication...

Dislikes :

- Alcohol, smoking, noisy people, rowdiness, bullies, coriander, spicy food,
being humiliated- especially if is to do with his past, the rain...

Biography :

Zenri, a mixed Thai-Japanese, was born to a peasant couple, Jisaku and Risa Togano,
that resided in Takayama. His mother had a physical weakness that made her suffer from illness
His father was a local doctor and worked in the village. As Zenri turned 7 years old, his father
was enlisted for the army in the minor war that happened at the time and left his beloved wife
and his child behind at the village. Zenri tried his best in everything to help his mom as much as he could.
Unfortunately his mother passed away later by her illness, thus leaving Zenri with depression afterwards.

After his mother's death, Zenri moved to live with his uncle’s family in Bangkok, Thailand.
The lost of his mother made him become a gloomy child, but his uncle was there to support him.
He told him about his past life to encourage Zenri- that he was a soldier who served his land with
great honor, like his father who is currently in the war at the time. The story of his father made
Zenri very proud. Ever since he was told that story, it had become his lifetime goal to be a medic like his father.

Later, he then devotes himself to medical education and is successfully accepts the
gifted youth scholarship from the faculty of medicine, located in the University of Tokyo,
at the age of 16. He moves back to his homeland again to follow his father’s footsteps.
However, Zenri was being an underage student in a place with full of competition,
leads to him being bullied and threatened from the older students at the faculty.
This then causes him to endure serious stress- so much that he failed to apply himself
during an internship and caused one of his patients to fall into a critical condition.
He felt humiliated and ashamed, making his condition worse. There was so much despair
that he ends up withdrawing from the University of Tokyo during his 4th year of study.

The next year, his uncle flashes him an application form for the best military school, Milizia.
He was hesitated to enter because of his resigning from the University of Tokyo until his uncle
had told him he would be more like a failure this way if he truly had given up his goal so easily.
With his confidence regained, due to his uncle’s words, he threw away his sorrow and decided
to begin the journey to fulfill his lifetime achievement again in Milizia.

Current Merit Count : 490
Inventory/Stock :
M9 (Beretta 92FS) pistol
Cellphone x 2 [modified]
Computerized Glasses
Palm-embedded Smartphone

Additional Information :

+ Due to his weak English, he often uses cracked English and preferably
speaks in his native languages(Thai and Japanese).
+ His IQ is 170
+ His glasses prescription is of +1.0
+ His date of birth is March 31st.
+ He often gets sick because of his physical weakness similars to his mother,
yet he tries his best to conceal it.
+ Talented at cooking.
+ He has no problem dealing with coldness because of the weather conditions of his homelands.
+ He has a passion for drawing- which one of the reason why he usually scribbles in his notebook.
+ He always carries his small waist bag everywhere which contains: first-aid kit,
a medical mask, some medicines, a pocket knife, a pen and a small notebook. [link]
+ He studied in the medical field of surgery- medicine as his major and psychology
as his minor during the time he was a student at the University of Tokyo.
+ He is afraid of being inferior- some examples include being bullied or competing with
other people that clearly have advantages over him.
+ He has soft spot for puppies and kittens.
+ Now applies to every fluffy creatures
+ Note: the reason he has his beard on because he believes it makes him looks more masculine.


Dulce: Hai~ Officer kyun~<3 *snickers Offucker Comby - Broship Married.
Fei: *shrugs*
Charlie: Missing him
Ryan: Where are my parents
Other students & Admins: <8l
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